Vulcur MedTech is a medical device development company focusing on wound healing, using our VMT (VulCur MedTech) laser.


Chronic wounds are defined as wounds which refuse to heal within a period of 3 months. At this stage wounds are no longer able to heal by themselves or may take years to do so.

Available types of treatment have not changed over the past 50 years. The old fashioned techniques such as dressing application and wound cleansing only target the top layer of the wound. They fail to target the in depth bacterial biofilm which is present in and around chronic wounds.


Research has shown the existence of biofilm producing bacteria within the tissue in and around chronic wounds. These bacteria show a great resistance to antibiotics and secrete inflammatory antigrowth factors which stall the healing process. It is believed that all chronic wounds are infected with this biofilm producing bacteria.

Our VMT method of treatment uses laser pulses which penetrate inside the tissues ablating the bacteria without damaging the human cells. This helps aid the body’s natural healing process.

The VMT method makes healing of otherwise untreatable chronic wounds possible. It also reduces the time to heal while increasing patients’ quality of life.





Board of directors

Janus Larsen (CEO, Founder, Male) Janus founded VulCur MedTech in 2018. He has a background in microbiology and biochemistry. Janus’ professional experience covers business development and licensing, and as a independent life science and medical device consultant. Most recently, Janus worked as a project manager for a business consulting firm that supports pharmaceutical companies in optimizing their project management processes.  Janus founded Poscogen Aps(biotech company), which was acquired by Thornico A/S in 2011.

Helge Holm-Andersen (Team Building, Male) Pre-seed investment management in knowledge based start-up companies. Hands-on experience in business development and funding of tech start-ups within clean tech, industrial automation and welfare tech. High level international contract negotiation, project & portfolio management, team leadership, marketing & communication. Experience includes small scale, mid-size as well as large industy. Net-worker and consensus builder with worldwide perspective and deep technical insight.

Claus Rehfeld (Chairman, Male) Mr. Rehfeld is a serial entrepreneur who most recently started ‘Health Innovation Institute’, a consulting company specialized in delivering healthcare innovations. Clients include Danish municipalities, Danish hospitals, South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority and Roche. Mr Rehfeld will play a key role in promoting FLASH-HEAL™ to healthcare authorities in the Nordic region. Claus founded Quintiles (business intelligence in healthcare), acquired by IMS Health in 2015.

Advisory board

Prof. Klaus Kirketerp-Møller, M.D. ,Chief Surgeon, Copenhagen Wound Healing Center, (Clinical advisor, Male) Prof. Kirketerp-Møller’s expertise covers chronic wound healing, orthopaedic infections, bacterial biofilm and diabetic foot ulcers. He provides clinical advice and oversight to VulCur.

Magnus Ågren (Clinical Advisor, Male) Professor Ågren is a full professor at Bispebjerg University Hospital, having worked as a wound healing scientist in academia, in industry and in hospitals for 35 years. He has published over 100 wound healing articles in internationally renowned medical journals, acted as a scientific advisor for a number of Scandinavian and international companies in the wound healing sector, and serves on the editorial boards for a number of biomedical journals. He is also the president of the European Tissue Repair Society. Prof. Ågren provides clinical oversight for VulCur MedTech.

Jakob Poulsen, Ph.d., CEO Valua (Patent Attorney, IP) Jakob has a P.hd. in solid-state physics from Kyoto University Japan, giving him a unique insight into the inner-workings of high-tech solutions providing the background for robust IP-protection. Before starting Valua, Jakob was Senior Patent Consultant at Ferring Pharmaceuticals, followed by being a Partner at Plugmann & Vingtoft. Jakob supervises all processes regarding IPR.

Claus Rømer Andersen, Independent consultant, EMC & Radio Medical Devices (Technical Advisor, Male) Mr Andersen has a background in electronic engineering, with more than 10 years experience in medical device development and Quality Assurance. He is an independent consultant to medical device start-up companies.  Previously, Mr Andersen worked as Head of Product Management and Devices at Leo Pharma and most recently, as Vice President at FORCE Technology, a technological consultant company. Mr Andersen provides VulCur with advice  on the technical developments of FLASH-HEAL.

Emil Jacobsen, Chief Technical Officer, EyeJustRead (Technical advisor, Male) Emil has a background in artificial intelligence, image analysis and recognition software. Emil will provide advice to VulCur on software developments that will be required for FLASH-HEAL

Sebastian Rungby, Associate Partner and Attorney at Lund Elmer Sandager (Legal advisor, Male),  with previous experience including; Associate/Attorney-at-law at Magnusson Advokatfirma and Eversheds. Areas of expertise are mergers and acquisitions, Corporate Law and Commercial Contracts. Sebastian is our go-to lawyer regarding contracts and all legislation not regarding IPR.

Peter E. Andersen Ph.d. Senior Researcher at DTU, (Technical advisor, Male) Peter E. Andersons speciality is multimodal biophotonic imaging; nonlinear microscopy, optical coherence tomography including light source development, systems development and clinical/biomedical applications within dermatology, ophthalmology, and urology. Light source development for biomedical applications and ultrafast applications. Author/co-author of 125+ peer-reviewed scientific papers and book chapters, editor of one book, and 60+ conference proceedings.

Jes Broeng Ph.d. Centre Leader at DTU, (Technical advisor, Male) Jes Broeng is a serial high-tech entrepreneur, photonics scientist, and is author and co-author of more than 200 publications (including Science), 1 textbook, and 18 patents(h-index = 44, +10.000 citations). Jes Broeng’s research interests include business and leadership areas of entrepreneurship, innovation and technology transfer, and scientific areas of optics, photonics and communications. He has extensive experience in applied research, early high-tech business development, IPR and licensing, and high-tech sales (US, Europe, and Asia).

Rodolphe Marie Ph.d. Physics, Associate Professor at DTU nanotech/photonics, (Technical advisor, Male). Previous experience includes acquiring his Post Doctorial at Lund Universitet and Material Physics/Engineering at the Institut national des Sciences appliquées de Rennes. His areas of expertise include Microfabrication, Spectroscopy, Optics and Lasers. Rodolphe contributes with expert technical knowledge in the development of our prototype.

Bettina Grote, Senior R&D Engineer, Novo Nordisk (Industry Advisor, Female) Ms. Grote has over 11 years of experience working as an engineer and research scientist for global medical device and pharmaceutical companies, including Coloplast, Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Radiometer Medical, Leo Pharma and Novo Nordisk. Her expertise is in design control, compliance and regulatory documentation for medical device development projects. Ms.Grote provides VulCur with oversight on Medical Device Quality Assurance.